What is BOLT? The BOLT meme token is based on the TON blockchain and was founded by the international crypto community of enthusiasts supporting the development of TON - the brainchild of Nikolai Durov and Telegram as a whole.

Work Process

We’ve BOLTed the TON community together.

  • Counter-culture NFT collection Huebel which poses a question to users: NFT is art or not?

  • Memes telegram channels and chats which poke fun at TON projects and highlight their significant problems

  • Meme token BOLT which users can send in telegram chats using TON Rocket Bot

The Timeline

Our Team

team member
Hacker Volodya

TON smart-contracts and ecosystem developer

team member

Project Manager

team member
nft tonovich

Art Director

team member

Community Manager

team member

Community Manager

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